Are your products organic?

Yes – USDA-Certified Organic 

Are your products Gluten-Free?

Yes – Certified Gluten-Free

Are your products Kosher?

Yes – OU Kosher Certified

Are your products vegan?

Our Original and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Puffs are, but our Honey is not.

What retailers currently sell your products?

Natural Grocers, Whole Foods (PNW locations: Oregon and Washington), Market of Choice, New Seasons, Green Zebra in Oregon. We also sell 3-packs of each of our flavors plus a sampler 3-pack, which includes all 3 flavors on Amazon

Puffworks Baby

Can you tell me more about early peanut introduction?

For most infants with severe eczema and/or egg allergy who are already eating solid foods, introducing foods containing ground peanuts between 4 and 10 months of age and continuing consumption may reduce the risk of developing peanut allergy by 5 years of age. FDA has determined, however, that the evidence supporting this claim is limited to one study.

If your infant has severe eczema and/or egg allergy, check with your infant’s healthcare provider before feeding foods containing ground peanuts.

Under the new recommendations, published simultaneously in six journals including the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, all infants who don’t already test positive for a peanut allergy are encouraged to eat peanut-enriched foods soon after they’ve tried a few other solid foods. The guidelines are the first to offer specific recommendations for allergy prevention based on a child’s risk for peanut allergy:

Infants at high risk for peanut allergy—based on severe eczema and/or egg allergy—are suggested to begin consuming peanut-enriched foods between 4 to 6 months of age, but only after parents check with their health care providers. Infants already showing signs of peanut sensitivity in blood and/or skin-prick tests should try peanuts for the first time under the supervision of their doctor or allergist. In some cases, test results indicating a strong reaction to peanut protein might lead a specialist to recommend that a particular child avoid peanuts.

Infants with mild to moderate eczema should incorporate peanut-containing foods into their diets by about 6 months of age. It’s generally OK for them to have those first bites of peanut at home and without prior testing.

Infants without eczema or any other food allergy aren’t likely to develop an allergy to peanuts. To be on the safe side, it’s still a good idea for them to start eating peanuts from an early age.

For more information, please visit the below links:

The Learning Early About Peanut Allergy (LEAP) Study

New guidelines detail use of ‘infant-safe’ peanut to prevent allergy

Prevent Peanut Allergies (National Peanut Board)

I can't order Puffworks baby, when will this product be available? 

We are currently manufacturing Puffworks baby peanut butter puffs and are aiming to have them available to purchase on Amazon by September. 

Can I use Puffworks baby if my child has already been diagnosed with a peanut allergy?

No. Puffworks baby peanut butter puffs are not a treatment for infants or individuals with a known peanut allergy.

What should I do if I suspect my infant is having a reaction to peanut?

If you suspect your infant is having a reaction to peanut from our puffs, stop feeding immediately and contact your pediatrician. If the reaction appears to be life-threatening (e.g. Anaphylaxis) call 911 immediately and let them know your child is having a severe allergic reaction.

Can I use this product if I think my infant may have a peanut allergy and/or can I use the product to diagnose a peanut allergy?

No.  This product is a intended for infants who have never had peanut before. If you suspect your infant has a peanut allergy and/or you want to diagnose a peanut allergy, speak to your pediatrician or an allergy specialist.