Peanut Butter Puffs Made Just for Baby

Puffworks baby peanut butter puffs are easy to hold and dissolve easily when eaten.
Puffworks Baby Ingredients

Ingredients You Can Feel Good About

Our Puffworks baby puffs are 100% USDA-Certified Organic and are made with simple ingredients: peanut butter (simply peanuts!), corn and a dash of salt. No added sugar or oil.

Diaper Bag-Approved

Our bags are small so you conveniently toss them in a diaper bag. Plus, your little one can feel like a “big kid” while holding the bag.
Puffworks Baby Size
Puffworks Baby

A Great Option for Early Introduction

Research shows feeding your baby (beginning at 4-6 months of age) safe to eat peanut foods helps reduce the risk of developing peanut allergies.
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General recommended age to start the early introduction process:

4-6+ months

Percentage of peanut allergy reduction from early introduction:


Looking for help to safely introduce peanuts to your baby?

Visit, designed to help parents take the first step to prevent their child from developing a peanut allergy. The site offers great resources about the new recommendations for introducing peanuts to infants early.
Our puffs should be given to babies who are already eating solid foods. And as with all solids, infants should be supervised while eating. Because our puffs are batch made there can be some variability in the size and softness, so it’s always important to supervise your little one when feeding to avoid choking!