Baby sitting in a high chair eating puffs from a sea green bowlBaby sitting in a high chair eating puffs out of a green bowl on a white marble table

Organic Nut Butter Puffs Made Just for Baby

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formulated with baby in mind for your peace of mind

getting started no stress, no mess

6+ months



ready for solids

introduce tree nuts



success with peanut**

keep it consistent

Babies need consistent exposure to peanut proteins*, so keep these on hand as a go-to healthy snack!

“Puffworks Baby Organic Peanut Butter Puffs was an amazing way to introduce Elliana to a Plant Based Peanut Butter snack that left me feeling guilt free!

Not only are they tasty (yes I eat them too 🍓), Elliana loves them!!" -RAI

“The primary rule of medicine is ‘first do no harm’ and pediatrics is all about prevention.

I simply cannot emphasize this enough: the early introduction of allergenic foods is a safe and nutritious way to prevent food allergy.” -DR. RON
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2+ years old



ready for crunch

plant-based protein

keep peanut in your child’s diet once they’ve outgrown our baby puffs

Two kids and one baby smiling and eating Puffworks puffs outside on the front porch
Our puffs should be given to babies who are already eating solid foods. And as with all solids, infants should be supervised while eating. Because our puffs are batch made there can be some variability in the size and softness, so it’s always important to supervise your little one.

WARNING: These product(s) are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


**This product does contain a small amount of organic peanut butter and is not intended for babies who are allergic to peanut, almond or other tree nuts. We recommend introducing your baby to our Puffworks baby Organic Peanut Butter Puffs first before introducing him/her to our Puffworks baby Almond Butter Puffs.

baby girl with birthday hat eating puffs
baby peanut butter puffs in an white elephant shaped bowl
little girl smiling and holding bags of puffworks baby puffs
baby boy eating puffworks baby almond puffs