Supporting Health Heroes through #Bend_Aid

Puffworks Bend_Aid COVID

As we continue to take necessary precautions as a country to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we also want to make sure the people on the front-lines of this pandemic are recognized for all their help and sacrifices! 

Today, we're excited to announce our involvement with #BendAid, an initiative started by JEM Organics to mobilize several Oregon-based food and beverage brands to come together to support the doctors and healthcare workers in New York City fighting COVID-19. 

Founder Give COVID NY

To ensure that all of our shelf-stable, healthier snacks will be taken directly to hard-hit NY hospitals and health care workers, #FoundersGive has stepped up to help us coordinate the on-ground efforts. 

How Can You Help? If you are a food brand that produces a product that fits the description above, especially one based in Central Oregon, please contact If you are not a brand but have some favorite foods that you think NYC doctors and hospital workers would love to have in their break rooms, lounges and cafeterias, please let us know and we will follow up with those brands.
Follow @Bend_Aid on Instagram to see all the great companies coming together in a small way to make our #HealthHeroes feel loved and supported!