Summer Activies for Bored Toddlers

A few summer funday ideas for those "I am sooo bored" moments!

Summer is a blur of camps, activities, beach trips, pool days, and then inevitable moment your kids are "bored." So we have rounded up a few tips and tricks to help you fill some of those summer days! ☀️

We polled our Instagram followers and here are a few of our favorite submissions!

  • @adventure.among.the.pines: Catching crayfish & frogs by the river 🐸🦞
  • @nutrition.mamma: Painting the sidewalk with water and paint brushes!
  • @cupcakeeatingsonofab*tch: Water table!

Sensory activities are a favorite of the parents at Puffworks, here's just a few of the ideas we have been noodling on or done this summer!

  • 🍊 Bowl of water with sliced citrus - great for younger toddlers who are working on pincher grasp, like to gum on new foods, and love splashing in the water!
  • 🐠 Freeze a bowl of water with sea creature toys inside and have the kids use water, kid friendly tools, and even salt to melt the ice and get them out.
  • 🏖 Have a water table that's not getting much use with actual water? Fill it with sand to make a fun standing sandbox.
  • 🚜 Our marketing manager lives in North Carolina where the temperatures can get too hot for her kiddo to be outside for long so she loves to lay out a picnic blanket (easier cleanup) and break out the kinetic sand for an indoor sandbox sometimes! Their current favorite setup is with construction toys!
  • 💦 Check out if any of the parks near you have a splash pad that has a shady area for parents to sit in nearby and kiddos to run out that energy.
  • 🖍 Need a quick moment to yourself or an activity to bring on a road trip? Sign up below and we will send you our Puffworks coloring pages!