Preventing Food Allergies in Children: Introduce Early and Often

It can be scary to introduce new foods, especially ones that for so long have been on the list of things not to introduce early. But continued research and guidance from the medical community reinforce the benefits of early introduction of foods to infants - especially peanut!

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released updated guidance on the prevention of food allergies, with a continued strong focus on the early introduction of peanuts. "There is no reason to delay giving your baby foods that are thought of as allergens like peanut products, eggs or fish," Dr. Scott Sicherer, a co-author of the report, said in a statement. "These foods can be added to the diet early, just like foods that are not common allergens, like rice, fruits or vegetables."*

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To learn more about Puffworks baby check out our Puffworks baby page or read this blog post from Dr. Ron Sunog, a pediatrician and advisor to Puffworks and author of Eat The Eight: Preventing Food Allergy with Food and the Imperfect Art of Medicine , which examines the complexities of medical decision-making and how evidence has been used—or not—to recommend medical treatments, while offering parents insights on how a healthful diet can be key to reducing their infant's risk of developing food allergy.

*Source: There's new advice to prevent food allergies in children - CNN