5 New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

5 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

Take on the new decade!

 Ahh January 1st—a day that symbolizes new beginnings, starting-over, and quite possibly the busiest day at the gym every year (or maybe that January 2nd as most are recovering from NYE). We all have our best intentions when declaring our resolutions for the new year. Time and time again, we start the year off strong, but by February (if you’re lucky) we fall back into our same old patterns and routines. This often stems from setting goals that are a bit too ambitious and unrealistic. Here are a few twists on some common resolutions that you’ll actually be able to accomplish.

1. Instead of “losing weight”, resolve to find a joyful way to stay active

Losing weight is probably the number one New Year’s resolution. But so many people go into it too hard, and too quickly—which inevitably results in burn out and giving up. Arguably, the end goal of losing weight is to achieve better health, so why not opt to make finding a form or exercise you enjoy your goal instead? This will allow for a much more sustainable process, and put you in a position to live a healthier life.

2. Instead of “eating less sugar”, resolve to eat more veggies and protein

There is something about telling yourself not to do something that makes you want to do it that much more. And with something like trying to eat less sugar—moderation is the hero here. It's difficult to cut sugar out cold turkey, especially with all those left-over cookies you probably have from the holidays. So try to shift your focus towards eating more of the foods we all know we should be eating. If you’re going to have a piece of cake for dessert, allow yourself enjoy is but maybe include an extra serving of broccoli at dinner. If you want to satisfy a sweet-tooth, try a snack that’s high in protein like fruit with Greek yogurt or some honey peanut butter puffs!

3. Instead of “getting perfectly organized", resolve to be more mindful

Many of us feel unorganized because of how busy we find ourselves. While rushing around to get your kids ready for school, you realize you forgot your cell phone at home. On your way from meeting to meeting, you realize you forgot about eating lunch (and now you’re starving). Telling yourself to “get more organized” may cause you even more stress. So instead, resolve to be more mindful in your day to day activities. You’ll come to find this naturally helps you remain organized, and you’ll be more clear-headed and relaxed.

4. Instead of “mastering a new skill”, resolve to try new things

Telling ourselves to master a new skill comes with a lot of pressure. And the second that new skill becomes difficult (which is usually immediately), we give up and refuse to ever try again. More often than ow, you’re setting yourself up for failure, so instead, make a conscious effort to try new things! You may come to find new activities that you’re naturally good at, and you’ll feel motivated to continuing to practice said skill. Expectations are key here, so go into these new activities with the expectation that you’re a novice and are trying it out for fun.

5. Instead of “spending more time with friends and family”, resolve to spend less time on your phone. 

The last thing we want is for our well-meaning resolutions to backfire—and that may occur here. Telling yourself you “should” spend more time with friends and family may lead you to feel resentful and obligated. Try instead, to make an effort to spend less time on your phone! You’ll begin to realize how much time we waste on them, and how isolated they often make us feel. And of course don’t think you can’t use your phone to call up a friend, but take the time you’d usually spend scrolling through social media, and maybe put it towards spending quality time with others. 

Whatever your goals are for the new year, go into them with a positive attitude and a sense of opportunity. Don’t expect perfection, go easy on yourself, and enjoy the start of this new decade!